RMR Celebrates 10 Years

Rocky Mountain Rafts (RMR) is celebrating 10 Years of operation and equipping good folks with the most affordable high quality rafts in the industry. RMR was born from the desire to create a boat that raft guides, families, outfitters, and everyone could afford. This mission has helped so many more boaters find joy out on their own on the rivers. When it comes down to it, that is what we believe, everyone should be able to afford getting on the water if they want to. Read more about RMR history here.

To celebrate 10 years we want to share everyone’s stories on our social channels and on the website. We want to hear from you! Share your images, videos, and stories here.

For our 10th Anniversary summer we will be running photo contests with different subjects every month on facebook and will thank our winners with new RMR swag! A new contest will be announced each month, where you will post your submission in the comments, with our choice of winner in each of the following on the list. All entrants agree images can be re-shared on RMR social channels.

Get your photos ready! Photo contests include:
Best surf
Best whitewater face
Best dog shot
Best campsite
Best river cleanup photo
Best boat shot with sunset/sunrise
Best Inflatable Kayak image
Best ThunderCloud shot
Best Storm shot
Best PhatCat shot
Best tubing shot
Best R-2 shot