Enter our September Giveaway

We are capping off the season by giving away the item that is always at the top of our river checklist: a Canyon Cooler. 

Whether you are loading food for a week long expedition or simply hanging out on a dock, Canyon Coolers are the perfect accessory to any outdoor adventure. (On a side note, we think they pair especially well with an RMR Frame.)

How to Enter

All you need to do to enter is comment on this blog post, then follow the link to the Buoy Watersports blog and comment there. After that, there are a number of ways that you can increase your chances of winning and help spread the word about RMR as well! 

Check out the widget below for the full rules and details. The raffle ends October 5th.

Canyon Coolers Prospector 103 Giveaway


  • Posted on by Ryan Michael Hickey
    Just bought a 14" from RMR and this would be perfect – Love RMR!!!!
  • Posted on by RyanHickey
    Just bought a 14" raft from RMR and this would go perfect with our new setup!!! Love RMR!!
  • Posted on by Christian Lasher
    This is a cool giveaway!
  • Posted on by Toddie
    Great coolers!
  • Posted on by Julian Michaels
    I love my RMR and use it all the time on the Arkansas. Also love my Canyon cooler!

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