Now it’s time for the fun part.


Now that you have the gear you need, it is time for fun. Serious fun.

Whitewater has some inherent risks, and understanding and preparing for worst-case scenarios is essential before running rapids. There are three steps that we recommend. 

  • Proper preparation
  • Proper skills
  • Proper gear

Prepare the people in your boat before you get to the water. Everything from how to wear a PFD to how to swim in whitewater. Prepare yourself by being well rested and drinking plenty of water.

Take the time to learn the proper skills related to the whitewater that you are planning on running. Wilderness medicine may not be necessary for a casual stroll down the Nantahala, but those skills could be needed on a remote class V creek. Look at to find potential classes near you.

Proper gear. There is certain safety equipment that every raft should have: helmets, a spare paddle, a whistle, a throw rope, a flip line, a hand pump/top-off pump, first aid kit, cam straps and some carabiners. Make sure that your boat and equipment is in good shape! All RMRs come with an emergency patch kit, just in case.


Whitewater afficionados are a community that often feels like a family. There are people all across the country that would love to share some of their knowledge with you or even share a river trip. Finding those people is made a lot easier through the internet. The American Canoe Association has a list of paddling clubs across the country and sites like MountainBuzz are popular watering holes for veteran river runners. 

Paddling Life, Canoe and Kayak, Rafting Magazine are all useful tools when researching whitewater.

Everyone that runs the river is in debt to American Whitewater. Their dedication to providing protection and access to rivers across the country has allowed countless memories to be created. Not only do they act as ambassadors, but they also maintain a fantastic database of creeks and rivers.


American Whitewater provides a host of resources when planning your river trip. Everything from checking the flows, information and pictures of specific rapids, or beta on applying for river permits is just a couple of clicks away. 

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