Demo and Blems

We love to make sure our boats get on the water as much as possible. We are constantly testing products 🙂 and that means that there is an opportunity for you to save some money on a lightly used or blemished boat. The products listed below are likely to change. Call or message below for more details. 

  • Cloud 9 (Slate Gray)
  • SB-105 (Orange)
  • PC-120 (Lime)
  • IK-144 (Blue)
  • SBDS-130 (Blue)
  • SBDS-140 (Evergreen)
  • Peak-135 (Gray)
  • Peak-160 (Blue)

Please reach us at: 888-785-1844 (ext. 1 sales)
or e-mail our sales department: [email protected]

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