Going Fishing?

Ideal Fishing Boat

With 30 years of experience as a fishing guide, our General Manager, Bobby Bower wanted our rafts to meet the needs of a wide array of anglersy. His fishing outfitter has put Rocky Mountain Rafts through extensive testing since 2011. There were several criteria that had to be met. He wanted to be sure that the best value raft for whitewater would also be the best value raft for fishing, it has to be a durable raft, and the raft had to perform well on a number of different rivers in various conditions. While other companies might try to sell all sorts of bells and whistles to cover sub-par workmanship and materials, we believe you have to start with the 

quality of the boat itself. 

The development of thicker, self-bailing I-beam floors, a dropstitch option, tougher material, and more rocker have increased performance and tracking. Our boats have exceeded the expectations of fishing guides and outfitters across the country.

Dropstich Floors

Our drop-stich floors are lighter and ride higher, letting you reach more fishing spots than ever. The flat floor also provides a solid foundation for fly fishing.


Why not let you decide exactly which features your raft should have? We have worked with a number of frame builders for years 

and we can vouch for their quality.

Frame Builders and Dealers

AAA Inflatables

AAA Inflatables has provided Rafting sales and service since 1995. We started with repairs in 1991 and have grown to become Your Professional choice for Rafting and Fishing equipment.

Owners Mark and Judi, along with their staff, strive to provide you with the best equipment, professional knowledge and quality service All year round.

All production (Welding, Pipe Bending and reducers, sewing, repairs, Etc.) is done on the premises. 

Down River Equipment

 Every Down River Equipment frame is custom designed and built to specifically fit your boat and your needs. We do not believe in the one size fits all approach. When you purchase a DRE frame, we will set the length and width to fit your boat. All frames are built onsite which gives us great flexibility in meeting your needs.

Neff's Whitewater Customs

  The raft frames from Neff's Whitewater Customs are hand made on the  banks of the beautiful Bitterroot River in Darby Montana. At Neff's, we  understand more than just the craftsmanship of our specialized products  and accessories, we know river culture. We've weighed every detail and accounted for every technicality in our designs to maximize the  durability, utility, and fun of your white water experiences.

Riverboat Works

We pride ourselves on our fishing rigs here at Riverboat Works. These raft fishing frames are designed, built and tested by fisher people for fisher people, and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

PRO River Outfitters

 Aluminum custom fishing frames designed by PRO River Outfitters . Call Bobby at 304-575-5252 for details. Strong, lightweight, low profile. One of a kind design you can only get at PRO River Outfitters. Available for 10.5' to 16' rafts.

Whitewater Worthy

We create custom whitewater rafting gear  in Central Point, OR (The Rogue Valley).