RMR Pro Boater Purchase Program

How do I become a PRO member?

The RMR Pro Purchase Program is a membership program for qualified professionals in the watersports community. Membership is by application only. If you are interested in applying, please contact sales@rockymountainrafts.com. Pro Deals can not be combined with any other sale or discount.

Prove You’re A PRO

What is needed for proof? We ask that you have necessary documentation available for confirmation of your PRO status.

  • Recent pay stub
  • Certifications
  • Guide license
  • Letter from employer
  • Advertising info
  • Link to any social media

List of qualifying categories:

  • Industry guides (Fishing, Rafting, Paddling)
  • Outdoor/Wilderness Instructors
  • US Parks, BLM, Forest Service, River Rangers
  • Search and Rescue Units Fire and Police
  • Watersport Industry Professionals
  • Sport Teams/Individual Athlete/Non-Profit conservation groups


Can I purchase a gift for someone with my discount?

No, your account is for your use only. Any purchasing of gifts will result in the immediate cancellation of your Pro status. You will be notified if there are any promotions that would be an exception to this rule.

How do I make a Pro return? Can I return to a store?

Pro returns and exchanges MUST be submitted within 30 days of purchase and done through RMR headquarters.

I have comments to make about your products, where may I send them?

We love to hear your feedback, good or bad. Submit reviews, pictures and/or video via sales@rockymountainrafts.com Please visit Rocky Mountain Rafts on Facebook and SHARE!

What are your Pro guidelines? Do you have a Pro warranty?

Please review our Pro Purchase Program guidelines and warranty:
Your Pro account is for you and meant to outfit you for the work that you do. Please do not purchase gifts or buy gear for others.
You must make all purchases; your spouse (or anyone else) cannot place orders for you. Exceptions may apply if approved by the Pro team.

You cannot shop for, return or exchange products in a retail store as a Pro.

Exchanges and returns must always be processed through our Oak Hill, WV location. Returning product at RMR dealers or retail stores is prohibited.

Membership in this program should be considered a privilege and never a right or entitlement; this is a partnership of mutual respect.
RMR reserves the right to reject, suspend or terminate your account, Program access, and outstanding orders at any time, for any reason or no reason, in its sole discretion.
Your Program access expires annually. To continue to participate, you must submit a new online application and eligibility verification.

Pro Warranty: As a RMR Pro, it is understood that you use your products in harsher climates, more often and are much more demanding of your gear.  This means that damage due to wear and tear will happen at an accelerated rate. The three-year commercial warranty applies to all Program orders.  We reserve the right to deem returned products damaged due to normal wear and tear and will contact you about repair possibilities.

No returns or exchanges can be done at retail stores or dealers.
Pro purchases are subject to review of warranty issues due to wear and tear.

Please email us at sales@rockymountainrafts.com for a Return Authorization. Include a note clearly explaining your return reason along with your contact information, order # and/or original packing slip. Send Returns to:

Rocky Mountain Rafts / 2017 Main St E / Oak Hill, WV 25901