• Friends of RMR Spotlight: Dan Camp

    Friends of RMR Spotlight: Dan Camp
    At its core, Rocky Mountain Rafts is about the experience on the water. Yes, we make great boats, but we also strive to keep our products at an accessible price to make getting out on the water easier for more. For over 11 years we’ve had the privilege of growing with a community of paddlers that might not have been able to boat because...
  • Interested in RMR Angler?

    Interested in RMR Angler?
    Be the first to know about RMR Angler new releases and special offers! Add me to the list!
  • The Best Raft You Can Own

    The Best Raft You Can Own
    The original article, written by Daniel Jones can be found here. The Best Raft You Can Own In this article, I will describe my journey to find the Rocky Mountain Rafts Phat Cat and list the reasons why it is the best one-boat quiver you must own. Rocky Mountain Rafts Phat Cat in Desolation Canyon As a native Coloradoan, I spent my youth and...
  • Choosing A Raft

    Choosing A Raft
    Rocky Mountain Rafts (RMR) has been making durable and affordable rafts for over 10 years. We make a boat for every kind of paddler from flatwater fishing and floating to intense and steep whitewater. Our paddlers enjoy rowing in oar-rigs, paddling solo, to sharing the ride with many passengers. Whether you are new to paddling or you are a seasoned expert, we are here...
  • How to Choose an Inflatable Kayak

    How to Choose an Inflatable Kayak
    Inflatable Kayaks, also known as IKs or duckies, are exactly what they sound like. They are inflatable boats made out of materials like PVC, and are shaped similarly to standard hard boat kayaks. IKs come in many shapes and sizes that are best suited for a variety of paddling scenarios. All of Rocky Mountain Rafts’ (RMR) inflatable kayaks are made out of bomber triple-welded...
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