For over 10 years Rocky Mountain Rafts (RMR) has been a leader in boat design and innovation on the water. Our rafts and inflatable kayaks are found all over the country and even across the world, from hardcore creeks and giant whitewater, to overnight adventures, to flatwater floats, and to the very best fishing holes. Our core values drive us to give you outstanding quality at an affordable price, with a premium manufacturer warranty to back it up, friendly customer-service, and the tried and true experience our staff has to answer all of your questions. 

RMR has focused on creating a line of fishing frames and raft packages perfect for day trips or multi-day adventures. RMR boats feature a thicker, self-bailing I-beam or drop-stitch floor option, tougher material, and more rocker for increased performance and tracking. RMR’s are extremely durable and perform well on a number of different rivers in various conditions.


RMR has a setup for every budget and every style. From light and fast inflatable kayaks to expedition style rigged oar frames on large rafts, we have you covered. 

Inflatable kayaks (IKs) are perfect for casual fishing days on flatwater to moderate whitewater. You can choose from single or tandem inflatable kayaks. Tandem options allow for a buddy or more gear (you can sit backwards in the boat, putting yourself center) and stash gear in front of and behind you. Solo inflatable kayaks are a great option for paddlers looking for the most affordable way to hop on the water and are best for people under 200 lbs. If you fall close to or above 200 lbs you will be more comfortable in a tandem boat for fishing. Shop RMR Inflatable Kayaks here

Rafts are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to hit the river for fishing, offering the greatest comfort and versatility. Our most popular boats for fishing include the RMR SB-105 Storm (10.5ft), the RMR SBDS-120 (12′), the RMR SBDS-130 (13′), the RMR SBDS-140 (14′), and the RMR SBDS-160 (16′). When considering which size to choose take into account the number of passengers/paddlers you will often take on and how much gear you need to bring. The RMR SB-105 Storm (10.5ft) is a fan favorite for single day and combination whitewater trips for solo or tandem paddlers. For outfitters, multiple passengers, and heftier fishing trips the RMR SBDS-140 (14′) has been our most popular option. 


All of our rafts are versatile, meaning you can use them for flatwater fishing and whitewater paddling. There are several differences between the two floor options, and knowing them will help you choose the best floor for your needs.

Our drop-stitch floors are lighter and ride higher, which is perfect for reaching tight fishing holes on the river. Drop-stitch floors take less space than a traditional I-beam floor, giving you more room to carry gear, and the floor design makes it easier to walk around while providing a stable platform for casting.

Our I-beam floors are best suited for swift moving water and whitewater, performing best in these conditions. We recommend the I-beam floor to people who are looking for one raft to perform on both whitewater and for fishing. If you are mostly fishing on flatwater and class 3 or less we recommend the drop-stitch floors. 


RMR has a variety of frames to choose from for each size raft including a standard model and a fishing model. Our fishing frames are designed to be versatile for all of our paddlers, meaning you can have a full set up for fishing while having the option to remove components to be set up for a streamlined whitewater or overnight adventure instead. If you enjoy fishing and whitewater we highly recommend you purchase the fishing frame option for your boat. 

Are you ready for an RMR Fishing Frame? We are excited to be releasing our new line of fishing frames throughout 2022. Please join our newsletter for updates! 

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