RMR frames are coming soon!

Our mission for the last 10 years has been to produce and distribute the best value rafts and inflatable products in the industry and to deliver consistent, outstanding customer service. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to own a quality inflatable at a price they can afford so that they can enjoy the great outdoors.

Now, we are manufacturing frames with the same mission. These frames are designed specifically for Rocky Mountain Rafts but are also compatible with boats from other raft manufacturers. RMR frames, manufactured in Fayette County, West Virginia, are the best quality and most affordable frames on the market. 

Our experienced frame designer and craftsman, Carter, is currently leading the RMR team in manufacturing. Each RMR boat will have a specifically designed frame to fit. You will be able to purchase everything you need to get on the water rowing, in one package or a-la-carte. 

Frames will be available for pre-order in May 2021. Please click here to sign up for emails from RMR on frame updates, availability, product releases, and pre-ordering.