At RMR, we are constantly testing products to make sure they live up to our standards.
Beyond that, when we inspect every boat before it goes into a box, we occasionally find a ‘blem’.
Blemished boats come with the same manufacturer’s warranty as all of our other boats,
but have a small, cosmetic blemish that does not affect the structural integrity of the boat. 
You get a great boat at a great price and we get to free up some warehouse space.
See our list of demos, blems and past season boats below.
D&B pricing cannot be combined with any other discounts.
Email or give us a call at
888-785-1844 ext 2 to place an order.

Available Boats


SB-105 Lime/yellow 2023 blem new in box $1799

SB-95 Blue 2024 blem new in box $1529

SB-120 Raspberry 2024 blem new in box $2294

SBDS-130 Blue 2024 blem new in box $3149

IK-123 Blue or Waterfall 2022 Animas Single IK new in box $759

IK-144 Raspberry or Red 2022 Animas Tandem IK new in box $861

IK-144 Lime or Yellow 2021 Animas Tandem IK new in box $804

IK-126 Yellow, Lime, Blue 2022 Taylor Single new in box $594

IK-152 Blue or Raspberry 2022 Taylor Tandem IK new in box $719

IK-152 Blue, Lime, Orange or Waterfall 2021 Taylor Tandem new in box $629

RTR-44 Waterfall or Orange 2021 new in box $160

RTD-44 Lime, Raspberry, or Yellow 2021 new in box $175

RTD-48 Yellow, Orange, Red, Lime 2021 new in box $191

DRT- Blue, Orange, Raspberry 2021 new in box $235

4x Carlisle 10' Oars (shafts only) $129 each


Prototype and Demo Frames

Please measure your boat carefully to ensure correct fit.

F1B prototype. Fits the RMR PhatCat and the ThunderCloud. Has a shallow kick bar $509

F160 protoype. 73" x 81". Shorter than normal F160. $639

FF95 demo. $750

FF120 prototype $1239

FMM Motor Mount prototype $349



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