Wrinkles or Creases? Don’t Worry!


Did your new RMR inflatable have some wrinkles or creases when you took it out of the box? This is known as “marbling” in the industry. We like to relate it to taking a new shirt out of its package for the first time; there are bound to be a few wrinkles…

The best thing to do is to take your new boat outside and let the fabric relax in the sunshine. Please be aware of temperature changes and monitor the pressure in your boat while you are doing this, to avoid overinflation from heat and sun, especially at higher elevations. Then, GO RUN SOME WHITEWATER! Most wrinkles will work themselves out in the first couple of runs. Please know that we stand behind our warranty program and are glad to respond to any concerns you might have. Please register your boat to be on the safe side, but we feel confident your marbling will correct itself with time.

There are marbling videos on YouTube, and we are currently working on one as well. Some videos recommend the use of a heat gun to remove the creases. Please use this technique as a last resort, exercising caution to avoid overheating. Pump your boat up tightly, warm the fabric with a hair dryer and rub the wrinkles out with a dull tool.

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