Bravo Valve Adapter
  The Bravo Valve Adapter fits the RMR River Tubes and RMR Inflatable Kayak Halkey-Roberts style or push-push inflatable boat valves. Fits most inflatable Halkey-Roberts style valves with a bayonet twist and lock connection and a 3/4″ diameter pump hose.
Z1 Down River Equipment 4" Barrel Pump
More sizes available
Z1 Down River Equipment 4" Barrel Pump
DRE pumps have a 1" diameter x 6' long “Tigerflex” non-collapsible hose with an aluminum nozzle designed to fit most standard inflation valves. These pumps comes standard with check valves (military valve compatible). There's a spare O-ring in the bottom of each pump...
Blow-Pro Raft Blower
Blow your boat, not your cash! The BEST priced raft blower on the planet!  The BlowPro has 1600 watts - 50 m/s – 110v  Top off a raft, cat, or kayak to 2.95 psi or deflate for easy transport  Solid...
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