Sawyer DuraMax oar Blade
The Sawyer DuraMax Oar Blade is a tough, outfitter-proven whitewater blade. High-pressure molded blade that utilizes a custom-formulated fiberglass reinforced polypropylene for strength, flex, rebound, and tenacious durability. Unequaled in long-term performance value. The Sawyer DuraMax Oar Blade fits both the Sawyer...
Sawyer Dynelite Shoal Cut Oar Blade
The Sawyer DyneLite Shoal Cut Oar Blade is the blade for the angler that fishes those shallow riffles throughout the year. This blade features a tear drop shape and allows you to dip less blade into the water and achieve...
Sawyer Dynelite Oar Blade
The DyneLite Oar Blade is the lightest whitewater-proven blade made. Carbon fiber is laid over a laminated Douglas Fir core resulting in an oar blade that is stiff, super tough, and incredibly light. The edges are reinforced with our Dynel...
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