RMR 1-Bay Frame with Low-Back Seat for PhatCat and Thundercloud
The compact and lightweight RMR 1-Bay Frame for the PhatCat is our favorite new rowing machine! Our adjustable kick-bar allows for customization to your height, giving you the optimum rowing position. A premium, low-back tractor seat provides the perfect padding...
RMR 3-Bay Frame with Poly Deck for Storm
The RMR 3-Bay w/Poly Deck for the Storm is durable, portable and lightweight and can carry enough gear to get you through the day or a week. RMR’s Poly Decks provide seating for passengers, and work even better for gear...
RMR 2-Bay Frame with Low-Back Seat for Storm
Small and lightweight, the RMR 2-Bay Frame for the Storm raft is an ideal day frame that can accommodate your favorite cooler for day trips or self-contained overnighters.  The foam tractor-style seat is padded and waterproof and provides a powerful...
RMR 3-Bay Frame for 12' SB/SBDS
The RMR 3-Bay Frame for the RMR SB120/SBDS120 is bomber built so you can pack the family and gear for a day trip or extended overnighter. Throw an Crash Pad on top and you've got yourself the most comfortable sun...
RMR 3-Bay Frame for 13' SB/SBDS
This RMR 3-Bay Frame 1-1/2" for the 13' SB/SBDS is a heavy-duty version for big volume river-running. Throw an RMR poly deck on top and you've got yourself the most comfortable sun deck on the river.  All RMR Frames are...
RMR 3-Bay for the 13'2" Flow
This sturdy yet lightweight RMR 3-Bay 1-1/4" frame is made exclusively for the Flow 132 (13' 2”), the first in our new line of boats, the Flow Series. These inflatable whitewater rafts represent the core values of RMR; getting people...
RMR 4-Bay Frame for SB140/SBDS140
The RMR 4-Bay w/Poly Deck for the SB140/SBDS140 is the ultimate family fun, float, and fish unit. Designed specifically for our SB-140 and SBDS-140 but fits most 14' rafts. All RMR Frames are hand-crafted in Fayette County, West Virginia. 66”W X...
RMR 4-Bay Frame SB160/SBDS160
The RMR 4-Bay frame for the SB160/SBDS160 can row the canyon, float the family and haul it all. Add a high-density (HDPE) poly deck and you've got yourself the most comfortable sun deck on the river! All RMR Frames are...
RMR Stern Mount for 13' and 14' Rafts
RMR Stern Mount frames are hand-crafted in our West Virginia fabrication facility using 1-1/2" Sch 40 6063 T6 Anodized Aluminum with Hollaender Speed Rail Fittings. The FST1314 was designed specifically for the SB and SBDS 130 and 140, but should fit on any...
RMR Trailer Frame PhatCat
Multi-day in your PhatCat? Yes! Add a trailer frame! 50”W X 22 1/2" L 1-1/4”  Schedule 40T6063 Aluminum  Weighs 9# Made in Fayette County, WV Pricing and availability subject to change without notice. -Back-ordered product ships within two weeks of...
RMR Trailer Frame for 16' Raft
Add a trailer frame, with a drop sack and a table, and you have everything needed for the ultimate glamping experience. 73” W X 22 1/4" L 1½”  Schedule 40T6063 Aluminum  Made in USA Pricing and availability are subject to...
RMR Poly Deck for Frames
RMR Poly Decks are perfect for added seating on our frames.  Throw a Crash Pad on top and you've got yourself the most comfortable sun deck on the river. PD105    50"x17" Poly Deck - Storm Frame PD120    57"x23" Poly...
from $175.00
Flip Seat Bracket
from $219.00
More sizes available
Flip Seat Bracket
Want a comfortable captain's seat AND easy access to your cooler? Check out our brand new flip seat bracket. The 1-1/2" bracket slides on to the cross bar of the FH123 (13'), F140 (14') and F160 (16') frames. Choose the 1-1/4"...
from $219.00
RMR Anglers Motor Mount
The RMR Anglers Motor Mount fits all RMR 12'-16' rafts.
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