Articles, Videos, and Resources to help you enjoy the water safely in your RMR

The RMR User Manual

Here is your digital copy of the RMR User Manual. To make sure your boat stands up to the challenges, we have provided guidelines on how to best use and maintain your RMR boat for years to come.




How to Inflate Your RMR Raft

Watch this video to learn how to properly inflate your RMR raft with detailed instruction.

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How to Unpack Your RMR Raft or Boat

In this video RMR shows you how to properly unpack your raft or boat and prepare it for inflation.

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Peak 160 Overview by RMR

Watch this video to learn about the Peak 160 performance, diminishing-tube boat.

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Rocky Mountain Raft “Phat Cat” Review

Watch this video for a review of our Phat Cats.

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RMR Inflatable Kayak How-To from Rocky Mountain Rafts

Everything you need to know to get started with your RMR Inflatable Kayak.

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PVC Boat Patch Repair with Rocky Mountain Rafts

Watch this video to learn how to perform a PVC boat patch repair.

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Top Gifts For Water Lovers

If water enthusiasts are on your list, then we have you covered. Here are our top gift ideas for the river runner you love. Check out our favorite gift giving ideas from Rocky Mountain Rafts below. 1. RMR River Tubes: RMR Tubes are some of the most versatile fun machines out there. They are perfect… View Article

How To Choose Your Raft or Inflatable Kayak Paddle

You finally got the boat of your dreams and are ready to go, except, you just realize you don’t have a paddle! You hop online and find there is an overwhelming amount of information to consider in choosing. Consider this your quick start guide to choosing a paddle to get on the water as soon… View Article

Wrinkles or Creases? Don’t Worry!

MARBLING Did your new RMR inflatable have some wrinkles or creases when you took it out of the box? This is known as “marbling” in the industry. We like to relate it to taking a new shirt out of its package for the first time; there are bound to be a few wrinkles… The best thing to… View Article

RMR Celebrates 10 Years

Rocky Mountain Rafts (RMR) is celebrating 10 Years of operation and equipping good folks with the most affordable high quality rafts in the industry. RMR was born from the desire to create a boat that raft guides, families, outfitters, and everyone could afford. This mission has helped so many more boaters find joy out on… View Article

Winter Rafting

Winter is the magical hidden boating season that the majority of boaters never unlock. When you venture out in the cold you have the benefit of fewer crowds and often flows on creeks and rivers that you wouldn’t get in the summer. Depending on where you live, you may find you have more boating options… View Article

Rafting With Kids

Nothing beats sharing the joy of the river with the next generation. Rafting can be enjoyed from toddlerhood until the end of your days. There are things you learn and memories to be made that only the river can provide. When well prepared, you will be successful into turning your kiddos into little boaters. Before… View Article

Intro to Rafting

There is nothing like the freedom of running a river on your own or guiding your friends or family on an adventure. No matter what your experience level is, there is always room to learn, allowing for a safer, and ultimately more enjoyable experience.  Paddling is a pastime that can be enjoyed by all walks… View Article

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