Top Gifts For Water Lovers

If water enthusiasts are on your list, then we have you covered. Here are our top gift ideas for the river runner you love.

Check out our favorite gift giving ideas from Rocky Mountain Rafts below.

1. RMR River Tubes: RMR Tubes are some of the most versatile fun machines out there. They are perfect for floating lakes, rivers, the ocean, anywhere! Take them back to camp and you have the perfect lounger, flip it over and voila you have a table for snacks. There is literally no one on your list who wouldn’t love an RMR tube. They are constructed of bomber raft grade PVC material, so you won’t be stranded riverside like other cheap tubes can. Shop all RMR tubes here.

RMR Tubes

2. RMR Inflatable Kayaks: RMR Inflatable Kayaks (IK’s) are truly PFDs or Personal Freedom Devices. When you gift an IK you are giving adventure. You can take RMR Inflatable Kayaks anywhere from flatwater to whitewater. You can choose IK’s for tandem or solo paddlers. Even if you already own a raft, the IK is the perfect addition to the paddling quiver. Anyone young to old will love being in control of their own craft. Shop RMR Inflatable Kayaks here.

RMR Inflatable Kayaks

3. The RMR Storm: We should really call it the Perfect Storm, because it is the perfect raft. If you are shopping for a raft for your favorite person, this is a good bet. The 10.5′ Storm is a fan favorite for 1-4 paddlers. It cruises easy family-friendly class 3 and then goes and crushes hard core creeks. This stable and durable boat does it all. Shop the RMR Storm here.

RMR 10.5' Storm Raft

4. The RMR SB-120: If you are looking for a raft to carry a few more kids or buddies, then this is the one! The SB-120 is a very stable yet maneuverable boat that can be R-2’d but also loves company up to 6 paddlers and a guide. This boat is great for whitewater, overnights, and fishing. Shop the SB-120 now here. Need even more room, check out the SB-130 here.

RMR SB-120 Raft

5. RMR Swag: If your river runner has it all then give the gift of fun apparel and accessories. “Take Me To The River” t-shirts and hoodies are guaranteed to make someone smile. Finish stuffing your stockings with RMR hats, cam straps, and other fun accessories here.

RMR Swag

6. The RMR Frame Packages: The king (or queen) of all gifts come with EVERYTHING you need to hit the river in style with a price that can’t be beat. Choose your boat color – and leave the rest to us. Each package includes an RMR Frame, Oar Towers, Sawyer Pole Cat Wrap & Stop Oars, Drop Bag and Straps. Get your entire river kit at a discount here!

RMR Raft Frame Package

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