Sawyer Super Strong Oar Lock

Sawyer Super Strong Oar Lock


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The Sawyer Super Strong Oar Lock is the traditional A style lock. It is formed from a super duty bronze alloy, just like the Sawyer Cobra oar lock. The Sawyer Super Strong Oar Lock is durable, corrosion resistant and is easy to tune to your oars. This oar lock is an affordable and durable lock for any type of rowing system.

Down River always strives to Go Green. They maximize material use by integrating all of our meshes and webbing into the production of their smaller sewn goods. As a result, the Down River Stash Pocket comes in a variety of colors. Yours will be a surprise!

  • Total Length: 6-7/8in
  • Shank Diameter: 5/8in x 3-3/8in
  • Shank Length:  3-3/8in



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